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Hi! I'm Alaine
A Minneapolis-based, fat-loss dietitian & personal trainer


My Story

I'm a registered dietitian & personal trainer with a passion for preventative health and sustainable fat loss. My goal is to help you make healthy habit changes easy - for long term results.


I'll meet you right where you're at & help you make manageable steps toward huge goals. Because I've been in your shoes. Restricting calories for weight loss & hitting the gym as often as possible didn't get me to where I am now.

When I realized how to fuel correctly, incorporate the right exercises, and the importance of sleep and stress management my life completely changed. And I'd like to help you change yours!

I currently call Minneapolis "home" and love working with clients in the area! Go gophers!

Working with me

I'm here to meet your where you're at. By now, you've learned that one-size-fits-all weight loss prescriptions, constant high-intensity workouts, restrictive diets & detoxes aren't sustainable and won't lead you to lasting weight loss. Nutrition & Exercise are both crucial components of weight loss, but they're not the only components. And depriving yourself of your favorite snacks while exercising like crazy only works for so long.


Here's your answer: nutrition education to make eating healthy feel simple. Accountability to make habit changes that stick, long after the coaching period has passed. And a sustainable exercise program you actually enjoy and look forward to.


Ready to change your life?!

Healthy Salad
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