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Tropical House Plant

Lose fat sustainably. No rigid diets or detoxing, no unrealistic exercise schedules & in a way that suits your lifestyle.

                             Registered dietitian for weight loss, nutritionist in Minneapolis,

Hi! I'm Alaine - 

and certified personal trainer.

Alaine Keogh, weight loss dietitian and nutritionist in Mineapolis, Minasota

Supercharge your metabolism to unlock energy, crush cravings, lose fat & enjoy life - all at once

It's time to shut (and lock) the door on restrictive weight loss programs, yo-yo dieting, and over-exercising. If you're ready to find a nutrition and exercise plan that works for you now and 20 years down the road, you're in the right place. This comprehensive program includes nutrition and fitness education, accountability to make small habit changes that stack up over time, and real, sustainable results. This isn't just a few months of habit change - this is the rest of your life. Are you ready?!

"When I decided to commit to a program with Alaine I was struggling with weight loss and knowing what options to eat. I was excited about the accountability of chatting with someone and adjusting goals as we went on. I learned so much about listening to my body and what foods feel good. It was great learning more about nutrition and what and when to eat. I’m feeling more confident not only in my food choices but it my self that I’m healthy and on the right track. Thanks Alaine!"
"I found Alaine at a time I was at my lowest physically and mentally. Years of yo-yo dieting, all or nothing mentality, emotional eating, and lack of confidence had run its course and I wanted a professional to help me change my lifestyle. The biggest change is I think mental for me and my relationship with food. Learning how to eat a balanced meal, enjoy a drink & meal out with friends without punishing myself has been life changing. Everything I learned is now fitting into my life easily and I feel well equipped to maintain and make this my lifestyle now."
"Over the past six months, I've gone from feeling like I would never be able to lose weight to making changes that have not only helped me lose weight but live a healthier lifestyle overall. Since I've been working with Alaine, I've been more consistent with getting enough sleep, daily movement, strength training and making time to prepare healthy meals. I no longer feel out of control with food (e.g., bingeing) or sugar cravings. I feel equipped to sustain the progress I've made because I have incorporated the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle into my daily routine. Getting movement, choosing food that's good me and making healthy meals are now habitual for me."


"I'm very intrinsically motivated"
Metabolism Reset

Designed for the self-starter to help you take charge of your health. Every other week, you'll receive new educational modules to help you reset and supercharge your metabolism for sustainable weight loss. This program is designed to guide you through habit changes that stack on each other as the weeks go on, helping you make realistic changes to take control and thrive.

Phase 1: Find a routine that works for you

Phase 2: Nutrition & Movement

Phase 3: Incorporate fun for lasting success

Phase 4: Stress & Sleep management

"I'm looking for longer-term, 1:1 support"
1:1 Premium Coaching

Receive hands-on, personalized support to help you reach your health and wellness goals. This program is like having a dietitian and personal trainer in your back pocket to teach, guide, and support you for lasting success. You can count on 1:1 accountability, expert advice, and a plan tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Includes: video calls, check-ins, troubleshooting, direct messaging access, workouts, and more!

"Help me set my kitchen up for success!"
Pantry Makeover

Is weekly planning (or lack thereof..) holding you back from reaching your full wellness potential? Book a pantry makeover and meal planning crash course. Not only will you gain an orgainzed pantry ready to help you prep balanced meals, you'll learn how to best plan and prep your meals in a way that meets your preferences, lifestyle, and nutrition needs.

Includes: Assessment call, pantry/kitchen makeover consultation, check-in call, curated list of meal ideas that fit your lifestyle.

(In-Person consultations available for those in the Twin Cities area).

Check out @AlaineKeoghNutrition on Insta!
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